About Us

MotionTrack is a proud subsidiary of Arise Media Pvt. Ltd., taking a fresh, innovative approach to GPS Tracker technology for modern business.
Believing that part of the success of any company is being able to monitor transport vehicles, this branch of Arise proudly constructs, repairs, and refines
complex GPS Tracker systems for use in commerce, transportation, and much more. From simple location monitoring to in-depth software with a variety of tools to
keep track of vehicle routes, this business supplies a range of GPS Tracker solutions to the customers that need them most. Built on a reputation of
success, customer care, and exciting ideas to take the business forward, MotionTrack hopes to help change Indian transport for the better.

About Our Parent Company
Arise Media comprises a team of dedicated, highly skilled industry leaders, all working towards the singular goal of revolutionizing hardware and software solutions across the country of India.
With expertise in a variety of fields including web design, hardware solutions (such as MotionTrack), and user-friendly software development, Arise Media is an IT powerhouse.
Tackling every technological challenge with a truly respectable level of creativity, determination, and skill, this business understands customer needs, and takes real action.