India is famous for delicious food, beautiful vistas, amazing culture, and crowded streets. It's a country that's growing daily, putting more people out in its workforce every hour, and this can make managing any company's vehicles a true challenge. How can you help your employees get where they need to go? How can you be sure the most efficient route is taken every time? We at MotionTrack think technology holds the key to that answer, and are hard at work on automotive developments to help make India's workforce even stronger.

Our company is a privately-held division of Arise Media Pvt. Ltd. We're dedicated to research and development in the field of transport tracking devices. Examples of what we do here include technologies that allow companies to control and monitor drivers' locations, their speed, and other solutions that we believe will help make India's roads more efficient and safer than they've ever been.

We're not just dedicated to product quality. Here at MotionTrack, we value our customers as much as we value automotive tracking. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments to share with us, we want to hear them. When you buy a MotionTrack product, we want you to feel confident, secure, and cared for in your purchase.

GPS Trackers are a fast-growing technology. We build systems using the technology that take a few satellites and turn them into tools that monitor your transport's position, speed, and more in one easy-to-use software package. With all your transport needs covered from one place, our GPS trackers make better shipping, receiving, and more possible from one location.

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RealTime Track
Monitor vehicle positions and speed in real-time using the latest in satellite technology. Our software provides graphical reports to make understanding your mobile workforce easy.
Get notifications about shipments that go wrong or need special attention delivered right to your inbox.
Our robust software package takes complex GPS information and extends it to you in an easy-to-read way with tons of options.
See the shipment history of all the vehicles in your fleet to get information when you need it, from any time in the past or present.

About Motion Track

Motion Track is the Global positing system /vehicle tracking system, which provides real time and historical position information on Google Map.

Motion Track offers you extensive reports including reports on speed Limit violation, ignition on/off, engine idel time, vehicle average, history etc. More


Outstanding. It is so easy to use, both installation and online tracking are easy steps. We have now had two occasions to track our family member whom was lost. and Motion track led us right to them! Cust Service has been great in answering all our questions, and assisting us with a tracker that we damaged getting the tracker fixed and returned to us ASAP.